contemporary art is godless

since i was introduced to the works of ibn-ul arabi and discussing with my self the importance of belief in human existence, especially in our times, it occured to me that modern art -and contemporary art that followed, is essentially a profane practice, a secular or even a godless ‘thing’. the more i interact with artists of our times, the more i talked to them i realized that almost all of them did not believe in god. but believed in englightenment. and whenever i open the subject of god, fate or the spirit, i was reacted strongly almost in sarcastically, and at times totalitarian. they often wanted to just cut off the topic.

i had to say this. now i am comfortable. but will elaborate it more later on.

all i can say that i am “secular” when it comes to englightenment. just as some are proudly secular when it comes to religion.

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